Appel à candidature : OMS recrute un.e Consultant.e – Sélection et utilisation des médicaments essentiels, anti-infectieux et résistance antimicrobienne, Afrique, Europe.







Purpose of consultancy

To contribute to the finalization of activities related to the 2023 update of the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (EML) (the 24th WHO Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines will take place from 24 to 28 April 2023 at WHO Headquarters in Geneva) and the preparation of the 2025 update, including the activities of the EML Antimicrobial Working Group and EML Cancer Medicines Working Group.

To provide technical input to activities regarding the implementation and the update of the WHO AWaRe antibiotic book and the update of the electronic EML and related databases.


The WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (EML) is updated every two years by the WHO Expert Committee on Selection and the Use of Medicines. The latest (22nd) EML was published in 2021, it contains more than 470 medicines that meet priority health needs globally. The EML serves as a guide for countries or regional authorities to prioritize medicines for national/regional selection in accordance with local priorities and treatment guidelines.

To ensure the greatest utility of the next revision of the Model List in 2023, considerable efforts are needed by the WHO EML Team Secretariat to prepare the background documents, draft the technical report of the meeting, to document the recommendations of the Expert Committee, prepare the updated Model Lists for publication and update the electronic EML. Furthermore, suggestions by the Expert Committee may result in the necessity to organize and establish activities for the next update.

The WHO AWaRe antibiotic book, published at the end of 2022, is an important tool help countries control AMR and achieve WHO’s target of overall antibiotic use being at least 60% Access. In order to ensure uptake and optimal utility of the book implementation activities need to be elaborated and updates of the book content will need to be prepared.

The WHO EML, the AWaRe database and the AWaRe antibiotic book are also published as online information tools providing users access to all recommendations and background contents.


  • Deliverable 1: Contribute to the drafting, finalizing and publishing of the technical report of the 2023 Expert Committee.
  • Deliverable 2: Drafting of a short (10-15 pages) document outlining an implementation plan and plan for update of the WHO AWaRe antibiotic book and drafting of the content of a two page infographic on the the AWaRe classification and the AWaRe antibiotic book.
  • Deliverable 3: Update of the and databases.

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages

Educational Qualifications:


  • First university degree in pharmacy or medicine.


  • An advanced university degree in public health or epidemiology.



  • At least three years of relevant experience in public health.
  • At least one year of relevant experience in the area of antibiotic use/antimicrobial resistance.


  • Experience working in low- and middle-income countries.



  • Excellent technical writing skills.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a multicultural team and maintain effective working relationships with recognized experts and stakeholders.
  • Strong methodological and analytical skills with the ability to conduct research, identify and analyse literature relevant to the programme area.
  • Good planning and organizational skills with attention to detail and with the ability to multi-task and work under pressure.
  • Strong IT skills: Word, Excel, presentation software, databases and web navigators.
  • Strong technical knowledge in medicines selection and use.
  • Strong technical knowledge about anti-infectives and antimicrobial resistance.

Languages required:


  • Expert knowledge of English.


  • Intermediate knowledge of any other UN official languages.

Closing Date :  Feb 22, 2023, 11:59:00 PM

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