Project Assistant- Consultant
Procurement Process : IC – Individual contractor
Office : Angola – ANGOLA
Deadline : 04-Jun-20
Development Area : SERVICES
Reference Number : 66142
Link to Atlas Project :
00076670 – Sust Econ Dev & Inclusive Gowth
Documents :
TOR for Project assistant

Overview :

As Angola is undergoing political reforms and addressing major economic challenges, the National Development Plan (NDP 2018-2022) and the UNDP Country Programme (CPD 2020-2020), are putting significant emphasis on achieving SDGs, sustainable human development and supporting employment programmes to address poverty. The UNDP Country Programme is based on the premise of ‘leaving no one behind’ and ‘reaching those furthest behind first’. The programme includes integrated solutions to complex and interconnected development challenges.  The Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development Cluster in UNDP Angola is responsible for enhancing the national platforms and supporting dialogue and technical advice to develop more effective policies and programs. UNDP’s support to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth helps people to contribute to and benefit from economic growth with minimal impact on the environment. UNDP Angola believes that creating enabling conditions for inclusive growth helps bridge economic, social and environmental gaps for sustainable development. UNDP is also working extensively with other UN agencies, and development actors including IFIs, the private sector and civil society, to support and assist the country as it pursues inclusive and sustainable growth strategies. The three broad policy priorities that frame UNDP’s support to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth tailored to the development needs of country are:

  • Integrated planning for inclusive and sustainable growth – this includes establishing evidence-based analysis for national plans, promoting economic diversification and sustainable growth ;
  • Supporting vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship programmes to address poverty and inequality ;
  • Mobilizing and scaling up financing for enabling transition to inclusive and sustainable growth – this includes promoting domestic resource mobilization and the adoption of innovative financing mechanisms.

To meet the objectives of the Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development Cluster, UNDP seeks a national consultant to serve as Project Assistant (PA) with minimum experience in project management.

Interested candidates should submit their proposals consisting of complete CV and financial offer to: [email protected].