Avis de recrutement : La BAD recrute un(e) Auditeur interne principal, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.







The overall objective of this position is to provide independent and objective assurance and consulting and advisory services in compliance with established professional internal auditing standards. The Principal Internal Auditor will perform or lead a team of auditors and audit assistants in performing strategic internal audits and advisory/consulting services with strong focus on private sector operations and data analytics.


Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Principal Internal Auditor will:

  1. Lead Audit Teams / Plan to conduct audits of highly diversified Bank-wide activities or operations relating to the financial, administrative, and operational functions of the Bank.
  2. Plan audits and determine the audit objectives, scope, criteria, methodology to be used as well as staff and budget resources required to ensure that the audit adequately covers the selected area of the Bank’s operations, activities, systems, and controls.
  3. Decide on the applicable audit approach and techniques to facilitate the conduct of the audit and prepare the planning memorandum for Manager’s and Auditor General’s approval.
  4. Prepare Audit Programme or modify existing ones (if any), to ensure a systematic approach to the audit and ensure that the scope of the audit is covered adequately. In addition, lead the automation of risk assessment for the audit programme.
  5. Conduct the fieldwork by collecting data, documents, and information, testing, and analysing such information, identifying weaknesses, causes and effects of variances, errors, non-compliance with rules, regulations, policies, procedures, etc with a strong focus on using data analytics and analytical tools.
  6. Supervise and review the work performed by other Auditors and Consultants to ensure that objectives are achieved; working papers adequately support the findings, conclusions, and recommendations, and the report is accurate, objective, clear, concise, constructive, and timely while ensuring efficiency and effective use of the auditing software.
  7. Lead or participate in Audit Missions to Member Countries’ organizations, Project Executing Agencies, and Sites.  Advice on compliance with Bank Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures to improve project implementation.
  8. Select, present and discuss audit findings with significant impact or recommendations for substantial changes in procedures, workflow, or organization, with concerned Managers and Directors to obtain their agreement.
  9. Prepare the Preliminary Audit Report containing observations, conclusions, and recommendations to tighten controls, safeguard the assets or image of the Bank, improve working procedures, and ensure that resources are efficiently utilized, under the supervision of the Manager for transmission to the Auditor General.
  10. Prepare the Final Internal Audit Report after incorporating the comments of the auditee Departments under the supervision of the Manager for transmission to the Auditor General.
  11. Monitor the implementation of audit recommendations to ensure that the weaknesses observed are corrected and do not recur.
  12. Give advice to other departments and Committees on matters relating to internal control, audit of Bank projects, procedures, financial management, operational issues to facilitate their decision-making process.
  13. Train, direct and counsel less experienced Internal Auditors in the performance of audit assignments to ensure compliance with audit procedures, proficiency, and time schedules.
  14. Participate / carry out knowledge management activities within and outside the department like facilitating at training events, retreats, staff orientation programs and other client liaison activities.
  15. Provide technical updates to the audit team on new developments in the profession.
  16. Undertake any assignment as may be allocated by the Manager or Auditor General.

COMPETENCIES (skills, experience, and knowledge)

  1. At least a master’s degree in finance, accounting, or auditing. A recognized Professional Accountancy or Auditing qualification (with first-time passes) and Additional professional certifications could be advantageous.
  2. A minimum of six (6) years of auditing experience in financial services either in the Private or Public Sector.
  3. Good interpersonal, supervisory, project management, communication, and analytical skills. Demonstrated capacity to influence and inspire team members.
  4. Ability to deal with sensitive issues in a multi-cultural environment and to build effective working relations with colleagues.
  5. Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines while ensuring quality and exceeding client expectations.
  6. Ability to apply international audit standards to deliver quality audit reports in line with the Bank’s strategy needs/situation.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language.
  8. Proficiency in use of computer aided audit tools and Audit Management Software Systems.

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Closing Date: 09-Feb-2023