Avis de recrutement : UNICEF recherche un(e) Conseiller(ère) pour le suivi et l’engagement des données de Génération illimitée en Egypte.







The assignment aims to increase the engagement of young people in Egypt with GenU via grass root advocacy programs of Shabab Balad ambassadors in universities, schools and clubs.

 Key results to be achieved through the consultancy include:

  • Data Monitoring for all GenU programs and reporting back to GenU team on progress on agreed on periodical basis.
  • B4R focused grass roots advocacy initiatives that build awareness on GenU among young people in Egypt where generated content of initiatives can be leveraged on Shabab Balad websites and social media platforms such as documentations, reporting and presentations.
  • Support provided to ensure best utilization of relevant possible engagement opportunities of Shabab Balad Ambassadors such as events, forums and conferences
  • Act as a liaison between Shabab Balad and Shabab Balad Ambassadors and Shabab Balad Ambassadors and coordinate all their engagement with Shabab Balad, ensure their participation and attendance to all planned events.


The incumbent will report to the Generation Unlimited Lead. The assignment will require regular engagement with Shabab Balad Ambassadors and Champions and allocating right ambassadors and champions in the relevant speaking event, in addition to generating content from the engagement programs that can be used as website and social media platforms content.


Under the direction of Generation Unlimited Lead, the incumbent will:

  • Map out grass root advocacy opportunities for Shabab Balad Ambassadors and Champions, which includes universities, schools and relevant forums (ranging from medium to high-level engagement opportunities) to increase engagement level of young people with Shabab Balad
  • Follow up on GenU’ plans and recommendations for integrating B4R in Shabab Balad engagement programs
  • Identify and Initiate contacts with potential engagement entities/opportunities.
  • Document all engagement programs for Shabab Balad in a content format that can be leveraged across different media channels, etc.
  • Map out potential private sector companies that can potentially be a partner with Shabab Balad, initiate contact and identify collaboration.
  • Support the Generation Unlimited team in all events, functions, Shabab Balad Advisory Board meetings, Shabab Balad Coalition meetings and in communications with external partners.

Qualification : 

  • Secondary school education is the minimum requirement;
  • At least three years of professional experience and knowledge of events management, grassroot activation, PR or media functions;
  • Previous working experience in a PR or media agency is preferred;
  • Demonstrated communication, events management and celebrity engagement;
  • Fluency in English and Arabic are required.

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Application deadline : February 12th, 2023