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The purpose of this internship is to work with the CEED group in advancing key objectives:

  1. To improve the resilience of children by adapting the essential social services they need to a changing climate and degrading environment – with a focus on health and nutrition; education; water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), child protection and social protection; and
  2. To support children and young people to be climate and environmental champions by providing them with the skills, resources, and platforms to exercise their voice and build and scale solutions.

To this end, the role shall provide knowledge-driven technical and capacity-building support for staff around the world to better implement initiatives, advocacy campaigns, youth engagement activities, and policies and procedures that help to advance the goals of UNICEF’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. More specifically the purpose of this position may include all or part of the following activities, as determined as priorities throughout the year:

  • Researching and analysing global UNICEF CEED reporting data to provide statistical results for annual and ongoing reporting
  • Supporting the development of a database of UNICEF programmes and innovations that have the greatest potential to deliver results for children at scale.
  • Supporting the production of a child climate-sensitive policy toolkit and technical note for UNICEF staff; as well as researching its potential for external dissemination
  • Developing guidance for and uploading publications into an external UNICEF database of technical documents on CEED themes to contribute to UNICEF’s role as a learning organization
  • Supporting the development of knowledge products on climate, energy, environment, and disaster risk reduction, including drafting policy memos, briefs, guides, investment cases and reports as required
  • Collaborating with internal and external working groups and networks on youth engagement to support and strengthen cross-sectoral efforts in this area
  • Supporting the climate team with research and regular uploading of climate data to NDC dashboards
  • Assisting in content development for child-sensitive climate policy web interfaces
  • Supporting the team in event coordination efforts, including leading up to and possibly during COP28.

Major duties and responsibilities

  1. Liaise with Country and Regional Office Staff to collect information and develop a mapping, an analysis in the form of a policy brief, and a guidance note for implementation on making children and young people a focus of climate, environmental, energy and disaster risk reduction strategies.
  2. Liaise with Country and Regional Office Staff to collect information for the development of CEED related knowledge materials.
  3. Liaise with sectoral groups to learn about and provide technical inputs on mainstreaming CEED innovations and programming, including assessment of gaps, opportunities, and proposed guidance towards scaling.
  4. Liaise with UNICEF staff and young CEED champions to advance UNICEF’s youth engagement and empowerment efforts.

This internship would provide an opportunity to learn about: 

  • In depth knowledge about Global Climate, Energy, Environment, and Disaster Risk Reduction (CEED) challenges, how they are impacting children, and how UNICEF is programming in response.
  • Develop writing and editing skills through developing key resources (i.e. policy briefs, guidance notes, investment cases, case studies, etc.)
  • Gaining experience working with an expert group of climate and environment professionals, as well as colleagues working across other UNICEF sectors (ie. Innovations, WASH, Education, Health, Nutrition, Social Policy, Child Protection)
  • Strengthened communication skills by consulting with various professionals across the organization and preparing relevant materials for these exchanges.
  • How to use excel to analyse data and google sheets to formulate policy briefs and technical notes
  • Gather insight on UNICEF programming across multiple sector.


Bachelor’s degree in relevant areas such as environment, social and economic development, political science, communication, knowledge management or international cooperation ;

  • Demonstrated advanced technical writing and/or editing skills (publications) ;
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate and use Microsoft Office 365   ;
  • Fluent in English ;
  • Prior experience with climate, energy, environment and disaster risk reduction and young people in developing country contexts would be a considerable asset ;
  • An advanced university degree (Master’s or higher) in relevant areas such as environment, social and economic development, political science, communication, knowledge management or international cooperation would be an asset ;
  • Working knowledge of Spanish/French would be an asset .


To be considered for an internship with UNICEF, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a degree programme in an undergraduate or graduate school, or be a recent graduate (within the last 2 years);
  • Have strong academic performance as demonstrated by recent university or institution records or, if not available, a reference letter from an academic supervisor;
  • Have no immediate relatives (e.g. father, mother, brother or sister) working in any UNICEF office; and
  • Have no other relatives in the line of authority which the intern will report to.

Deadline: Eastern Standard Time

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