Avis de recrutement : CARE recrute un(e) Chef(fe) du service financier régional, Ethiopie.






Job Description


The purpose of the Area Finance Head position is to coordinate, administer, control, monitor, and periodically summarize the extent of financial operations and performance of the Field Office. She/he provides effective and efficient support and advice to the Field Office Program & Operation Manager, Project Managers, and other team members as required.


Job Responsibility #1 Financial Management:  % of Time:  35%

  • Prepares and supervises the preparation of financial analysis about Advances, based on organization and donor’s procedures
  • Ensures that books of accounts are maintained checks, receipts, vouchers, and other financial documents are kept properly and that they are safeguarded against misuse;
  • Supervises/prepares the Field Office payroll, including taxation, withholdings, PF, and accrued benefits.
  • Follow up that taxes, insurance payments and collection are handled on time;
  • Prepares monthly “Request for Cash Transfer” and ensure the replenishment of petty cash on a timely basis;
  • Ensures that all cash collected is deposited daily in the bank
  • Review petty cash payments and ensure timely replenishment
  • Develops mechanisms to ensure that operations of CARE are implemented cost- effectively
  • Ensures field-office compliance with CARE’s accounting policy as per CARE USA Finance and Administration policy and procedures manual as well as policy and procedure as established by CARE-HO;
  • Coordinates all other financial information to be submitted to CARE-HO, including the follow-up of outstanding items in the Field Office;
  • Ensures compliance to government, donor, and other contractual/requirements/standard provisions.
  • Assists the Project Manager in the preparation of annual operating budget and project proposals;
  • Make sure to follow the procedures of the procurement Manual.

Job Responsibility #2:  Reconciliation and Reporting: % of Time:  25%

  •  Analyzes records of current and past operations to determine trends;
  • Verifies and reconciles Bank Statement with projects book balances on a regular basis to ensure proper cash monitoring.
  • Prepares and submits quarterly budget Vs expenditure report to Project Managers and Government Offices for monitoring and follow up.
  • Follow up/monitors and reconciles subsidiary ledgers for leave and benefits accrual (2412XX & 244XXX), PF & Pension (2376XX) & tax related accounts (2340XX);
  • Follow up/monitors and reconciles subsidiary ledgers for advances like travel, project, and vendor.
  • Ensures that required financial information is made available to internal and external auditors.

Job Responsibility #3:  Data Entry % of Time:  15%

  • Enters all financial data into People Soft accounting system for the following transactions.
  • Data entry after detailed review of financial documents of payments
  • Data entry after detailed review of financial documents of collections
  • Data entry after detailed review of financial documents of adjustments
  • Generates coding slips for all data entries and attach to each of the respective documents.

Job Responsibility # 4:  Filling /Maintain Proper Documentation % of Time:  5%

  • Ensure proper documentation for all financial transactions.
  • Ensure all financial documents are labeled, stamped with “PAID” marks, and make sure all transactions have coding clip;
  • Arrange all financial documents for internal as well as external auditors up on request;

Job Responsibility #5: Training and Support % of Time:  5%

  • Assists the Field Office Program & Operations Manager and Project Managers in the preparation of operating budget and project proposals;
  • Identifies financial management training needs of Field Office staff and give appropriate training.

Job Responsibility #6: Staff Management % of Time:  5%

  • Supervises and Supports the Account Analyst and the Account Clerk. Orients, trains and Coaches the Accounts Clerk and Accounts Analyst.
  • Completes all performance management activities including performance planning, monitoring, and annual performance appraisals.         

Job Responsibility #6: Learning % of Time: 5%

  • Keeps up to date with developments in the sector, including best practice examples in-country and internationally, and ensure ongoing personal development and learning.
  • Participates in the documentation and dissemination of lessons learned.

Job Responsibility #7 Others:   % of Time:  5%

Perform other duties as assigned

III PROBLEM SOLVING (Thinking Environment)

The levels of problem solving this position will face are levels one and two. But she/he usually deals with identical or similar problems on a regular basis and what must be done and how to do it are clearly defined in the Financial Policy and Procedures Manual. 



Required : BA degree in Accounting.

Desired : Training on Computerized Accounting


Required : 5 years of relevant experience.

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