Avis de recrutement : Médecin du Monde recrute un Coordinateur des services de soutien au Liban.








Under the supervision of the general coordinator, you define, adapt, plan and supervise the implementation of the mission’s human resources frameworks, procedures and policies while respecting the local context, local legislation and MdM policies and values. You also plan, centralise, coordinate and supervise the financial, human resources and logistics management and administration of the mission in line with MdM timescales, policies and procedures.

You lead a team (1 logistics manager, 1 finance manager, 1 HR officer) and support partners. You provide technical support to operational staff on the HR, logistics and financial management of the mission.

Your main responsibilities are:

Supervision and coordination of support services

  • Ensure the line management of the 3 support services (Finance, HR, Logistics)
  • Ensure that other coordinators and staff are cost aware and ensure efficient use of resources
  • Ensure an effective and regular coordination of the 3 support services
  • Brief and build the capacities of your colleagues from other departments of the mission
  • Be the mission’s focal point for all legal aspects related to MdM operations in Lebanon
  • Oversee the monthly update of the BFF by the finance manager, review and update the forecast with the program teams and be responsible for the completeness of the BFF
  • Supervise the drafting of the new program budgets
  • Supervise the drafting of the annual MdM procurement plan
  • Supervise the accounting closure
  • Monitor the cash flow, ensure timely submission of the monthly cash needs and assess and mitigate any cash risks

Internal control and compliance

  • Ensure that partners are compliant with donor requirements
  • Be in charge of the proper document filing and ensure mission archives are regularly and properly sent to HQ
  • Be the focal point for the preparation of all audits and evaluations
  • Act as the focal point for the AFD consortium partners on proper procedure drafting and compliance as well as on procurement and financial reporting
  • Assess the needs and support your team in building the capacity of the partners on consortium procedures implementation
  • Evaluate contractual arrangements and legal commitments/risks for appropriate action
  • Foster a positive work environment and ensure that the highest standards of conduct are observed


  • Prepare financial reports as per donors contracts requirements
  • Anticipate and actively participate in reporting to donors
  • Participate in the monthly situation report
  • Be responsible for sending monthly financial documents to HQ
  • Provide regular reporting to the general coordinator

Team management

  • Train and mentor your team members, after proceeding with a capacity gap assessment
  • Lead the coordination meetings when necessary to maintain an effective communication and cooperation between all departments
  • Ensure good information flow with other coordinators
  • Support and participate in the regular appraisal of the staff under your direct management
  • Participate in the recruitment process of the staff under your direct responsibility


  • Actively participate in the bi-monthly coordination meeting
  • Contribute to strategy building, especially by bringing contextual elements related to economic fluctuations
  • Represent MdM in all accurate meetings, especially finance/HR/logistics inter-agency meetings
  • Represent MdM in dedicated meeting upon general coordinator’s request
  • Ensure smooth communication between each department and HQ.
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