Avis de recrutement : ALIMA recrute un(e) Responsable du soutien opérationnel – Nigeria.






The Operational Support Officer is responsible for fundraising and contract management for the country, reporting to the Head of Mission.

He/she is responsible for the contractual management of donor contracts and the production of narrative reports according to contractual requirements, supported by the financial coordinator for financial management, the head of mission for operations, and the medical coordinator for medical activities.

He/she ensures the search for new funding for projects and ensures the production of concept notes and project proposals by the operational strategy.

He/she maintains an in-depth knowledge of the strategies, activities, and opportunities of donors and other stakeholders in the country.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the search for funding and the development of project proposals

The Operational Support Officer develops a funding strategy and conducts an active search for funding from donors present in the country. He/she monitors donor strategies and current and future policies in the country, as well as the humanitarian context, to maintain a high level of information and understanding of the issues. On the other hand, he/she has a thorough knowledge of the operations conducted by ALIMA and analyses with the coordination team the current and future funding gaps.

  • Ensure the production of concept notes and project proposals

To obtain funding, the Operations Support Officer develops project proposals, with the coordination team providing operational, medical, financial, etc… He/She ensures the writing of Concept Notes and project proposals to respond to opportunities with donors and develops project sheets and leaflets to ensure institutional communication throughout the year. He/She ensures that the documents produced are in line with the strategy and format of the donor, and are of perfect formal quality.

  • Support data monitoring and tracking to meet reporting requirements :

The Operational Support Officer must develop and incorporate robust monitoring and tracking elements into reports, so he or she participates with the data manager in the monitoring and compilation of operational data shared monthly with the desk.

  • Support the Project Coordinators in monitoring contractual requirements

The Operational Support Officer supports the Project Coordinators to give them the keys to mobilize resources from funding contracts according to operational needs and respect the contractual requirements of the donors. The Operational Support Officer maintains a high level of information on operational developments, including a budget, to propose contractual modifications if necessary.

  • Ensure the production of accurate and analytical narrative reports within the defined timeframe.

The Operational Support Officer is responsible for the preparation of interim and final reports for donors, according to the imposed reporting formats and rules. He/she is directly responsible for drafting the documents, based on accurate quantitative and qualitative information capitalized during the year. He/she establishes regular liaison with the coordinators and project managers and, for the preparation of the reports, links the commitments with the donor and the reality of the projects and the land.

  • Maintain relationships with donors and partners in the country

The Operational Support Officer is in regular contact with the representatives of the various donors, United Nations agencies, and international NGOs to ensure that these actors have a good knowledge of ALIMA and the projects implemented, and to keep an active watch on the various developments in the institutional context and particular funding opportunities

  • Ensure the contractual management of funding contracts

The Operational Support Officer is responsible for monitoring funding contracts with donors. He/she is in direct contact with the donor’s national representatives for contractual management issues. He/she ensures that the donor’s procedures are known and respected by the rest of the team. To this end, he/she has a common contract monitoring tool and technical sheets for each donor, which he/she helps to update.

  • Ensure the application of standards in the prevention of abuse

The Operational Support Officer must participate in training and awareness sessions. He/she applies the abuse prevention standards in all the tasks he/she undertakes (e.g. adding the theme in reports, project proposals, the clause on abuse prevention, etc.). He/she contributes to creating and maintaining a nurturing and protective environment.

Experiences and Skills

  • Advanced degree (Master’s level or equivalent) related to the position (development studies, public health, international relations, project management…)
  • Good command of project management tools (project cycle, logical framework, project proposals, reporting, etc.)
  • The first experience in expatriation is a plus
  • Autonomy, ability to take initiative, ability to work in a team, and to communicate
  • Understanding of and commitment to ALIMA’s values and mission
  • Thoroughness, motivation, willingness to achieve project support objectives
  • Excellent analytical, synthesis, and writing skills
  • Professional experience in reporting, project design, and/or management, in an international solidarity organization (NGO, association, etc.) or UN agency or donor agency
  • Excellent level of written and spoken English

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Application deadline : January 24th, 2023