Avis de recrutement : Recrutement des Programmeurs pour développer une plateforme de certificats environnementaux numériques par UNEP au Panama.







Result of Service

The objective of the consultancy is to hire specialized software developers to improve and implement Subsystems for the SIAM that allows the registration of processes of entry, monitoring, and transaction of abbreviated CSA sales online and with lower costs. The Subsystems will allow the registration of the purchase/sale of environmental certificates and facilitate communication between buyers and sellers with the Department of Environmental Services. The Subsystems developed will be an integral part of the SIAM and must be linked to the modules of the affected addresses, and the information processed will be viewed on the public portal. The final product will enable the collection, analysis, access, monitoring, and visualization of all the information pertinent to the status of CSA transactions and the legal situation of the properties with CSA.

Review the flows and approval processes of the CSAs, clearly identifying the departments of the Environmental Services Directorate, DSA, and other MADES directorates, as well as other institutions involved. During the review, the consultants must outline their roles and the added value each directorate and other institutions play in each process. They need to identify the information required to carry out the monitoring and the situation of each CSA and the corresponding rural properties.

Develop flows and processes to correct current errors in the DSA-SIAM platform according to the procedures established for the DSA, achieving better functionality of operations.

Prepare detailed reports with diagrams or graphs, and descriptions of the architecture, functional flows, and processes of all affected departments, according to institutional organization charts and the necessary technical specifications.

Develop, test, verify and validate the subsystems with the detailed flows of functionalities and links for the Environmental Services platform. It must contain at least the transaction modules, bidders’ database, a connection of the database with the map portal of said properties, interactive forms, and viewer of referential amounts by ecoregions, viewer, or outlet of maps of bidders and applicants. Additionally, the consultants will develop layers established by the DSA, a portal for the acquisition of environmental services certificates, integrated MADES fee payment and settlement tools, reports on transactions carried out, and other necessary characteristics for the platform’s operation to be defined with the DSA.

Prepare a final report that contains user guides and technical documentation of the system for the following, user roles, administrator manual, internal user manual, and external user manual. Prepare additional reports with technical specifications of the developed system, the system’s final design using UML tools and relational, entity and relationship diagram, class diagram, and diagram of system components and their relationships.

Prepare an executive summary containing the main activities carried out during the consultancy, the achievements obtained, the lessons learned, and recommendations to guarantee the sustainability and success of implementing the actions.

Coordinate permanently with MADES directors, namely the DSA, and other MADES teams to avoid overlapping work, implement, maintain, solve issues, and provide support for SIAM or another system in force at MADES. Work Location

Qualifications/special skills

• Bachelor´s degree in computer engineer, computer science, programmers or similar, (required)
At least 2 years of experience in software development is requiered
Knowledge of the technologies mentioned: PostgreSQL, Java, MAVEN, JBOSS o WILDFLY, Boostrap, CSS3, HTML5 and other tools for efficient management (required)
Knowledge of: Postgre SQL(version 10 or higher), Java(JDK1.8 version), server management (desirable)
Experience with international cooperation projects, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the development of data base and technology management systems, is desirable
Work experience or knowledge of the SIAM (Environmental Information Systems from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development from Paraguay) or similar platform in Paraguay. (desirable


 Fluent in Spanish is required.

Closing on: February O5th, 2023

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