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The Government of Rwanda has applied for financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Muvumba Multipurpose Water Resources Development Program (Phase 1) and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this loan to payments under the contract for the recruitment of Independent Dam Panel of Experts (IDPE) including Dam Design and Safety Specialist, Geologist and Hydrologist.

Muvumba Multipurpose Water Resources Development Program (Phase 1) project intends to construct a dam of 30.5m high and it will impound 35 million cubic meter of water in Karama, Gatunda and Rukomo sectors and will supply water for domestic use to Karangazi, Rwimiyaga and Nyagatare sectors. The dam will impound water to be used for domestic water supply, water for irrigation of 7,380 ha (net command area) and water for 16 reservoirs for livestock watering and production of annual energy of 5719 Mwh with installed capacity of 740 KW (370×2). It will also contribute to the flood control. In the framework of smooth implementation of this project, an implementation team is to be established. In this regard the following Independent Dam Panel of Experts (IDPE) (Technical Advisors) are required.


The purpose of the Panel will be to review and advise Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) on matters related to dam safety and other critical aspects of the dam, its appurtenant structures, the catchment area, the reservoir rim, project formulation; technical design; construction procedures; and associated works such as power facility, river diversion during construction. RWB will contract the services of the panel, provide administrative support for the panel\’s activities and arrange for semi-annual panel meetings and reviews, which will continue through the investigation, design, construction, and initial filling and start-up phases of the dam. After each meeting, the Panel will provide a report of its conclusions and recommendations, signed by the IDPE Chair Person. Following the filling of the reservoirs and start-up of the dam and barring significant difficulties, RWB will disband the Panel. The PoE qualifications are as follows : Individual Consultant (Technical Assistant) IDPE-1: Dam Design and Safety Expert [International] (Panel Chair) [International]

The Dam Design and Safety Specialist, (Panel Chair), must have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Civil/Hydraulic Engineering with 15 years demonstrated/proven professional experience in dam design and construction works. The Expert will visit the project at regular intervals as part of the technical panel of experts from various technical fields relevant to safety aspects of dams. Specifically, the expert will :

  1. enhance RWB staff technical review capacity on dam design matters ;
  2. attend a joint workshop with other panel experts to present and discuss the dam design procedure and standards to be used by consulting firms contracted for the project ;
  3. Review the dam type and design proposed by the feasibility studies and in particular: review of layout of dam and appurtenant structures; design criteria and design calculations; and design, technical specifications and construction schedules; assess the adequacy of construction work for the dam and appurtenant structures; review of design adoptions during construction; review of construction procedures, plan, and schedule; assess the safety requirements with respect to stability and performance of the dam and appurtenant structures during operation based on results of safety inspections ;
  4. Lead in reviewing the dam safety and all other requirement as per the African Development Bank operational policies together with the Hydrologist and the Geologist/ Geotechnical Experts.

Individual Consultant (Technical Assistant) IDPE-2: Geologist/Geotechnical Expert [International]

  1. The Geology/ Geotechnical Expert shall have a minimum of a Masters degree in Civil Engineering (Geology/ Geotechnical Engineering Major) and 15 years proven/demonstrated professional working experience in dam studies. The Expert will visit the project at as part of the PoE. Specifically, the expert will :
  • Enhance RWB technical review capacity on Geological/Geotechnical matters ;
  • Attend a joint workshop (organised by RWB) with other panellists to present and discuss the geological and geotechnical procedures, standards and methodology to be used by consulting firms contracted for the project ;
  • Review the results of geological and geotechnical investigations conducted during feasibility studies, detailed design and construction supervision and in particular: (1) the geological foundation conditions for the dam and appurtenant structures with respect to safety requirements in stability and water tightness; (2) the geological and geotechnical conditions of the reservoir rim with respect to safety in slope stability and reservoir tightness; (3) the geo-technical design parameters; (4) foundation treatment design including drainage and sealing by grouting or other methods; (5) technical specifications with respect to foundation treatment; (6) construction procedures as well as materials properties and availability; (7) foundation treatment adoptions as well as adequacy of treatment during construction; (8) foundation stability and tightness after completion of the project during operation, based on results of safety inspections, and (9) seismic assessment and design parameters. The expert will also advise on measures to amend and improve the aspects/areas needing such amendments/improvements.

Individual Consultant (Technical Assistant) IDPE-3: Hydrologist [International]

  1. The Hydrologist will have a minimum of a Masters degree in Civil /Water Resources Engineering (hydrology major) and 15 years demonstrated/proven working experience, including a minimum of five years in hydrologic studies related to storage reservoirs. The Expert will visit the project at regular intervals as part of the PoE. Specifically, the expert will :
  • Enhance RWB staff technical review capacity on hydrological matters ;
  • Attend a joint workshop with other panellists and the RWB to present and discuss hydrological procedures, methodology/standards to be used by consulting firms contracted for the project ;
  • Review feasibility studies and detailed designs in particular: (1) the hydrological conditions with respect to availability of river flow/catchment run-off, stored in the reservoir for multipurpose use, covering the demand; (2) the downstream condition /hazards and required safety level /flood return period, (3) the design flood inflow and reservoir attenuated outflow for determining the spillway capacity; (4) the soil erosion level of the catchments, sediment ;
  • As well as sediment management plan; (5) the reservoir operations; and (6) adequacy of live and dead storage considering hydrological variability (including climate considerations), required water supply reliability and sediment handing.


The services will be rendered over a period of (6) years from contract signature date. At the beginning of this consultancy, the RWB and each of the consultants shall agree on the schedule of activities for the entire period. A time-based or other appropriate contract will be used for each of the consultants. Remuneration will be based on (i) agreed upon unit rates multiplied by the actual time/ dates spent by the staff in executing the assignment, and (ii) The reimbursable costs for the missions (excluding the Consultancy Fee).

The Director General, Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) is the designated representative of the Client and will be responsible for work oversight and contract administration.


Eligibility is restricted to Member Countries of the African Development Bank only. The Consultants will be selected as individual consultants in accordance with the African Development Bank, Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations, October 2015. Interested Consultants are invited to submit resumes and relevant supporting documents by email addressed to :

Attention : NGABONZIZA Prime Director General

P.O.Box 6213 Kigali/Rwanda Kigali/Rwanda

The submission will be done through e procurement : only.

Consultants who will face difficulties to submit their documents can seek for assistance on the following addresses e-mail : [email protected]; Tollfree : 4045 ; Mobile phone: +250788313060 or e-procurement (Telephone) Tollfree : 3131; Mobile phone: +250788381536 and on [email protected] or [email protected] for any clarification.

  1. The deadline for Receiving the Expressions of Interest (EoI) with updated CVs is by 04/05/2020 at 10:00 AM GMT (12:00 Rwandan Time).


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