Alima recrute un coordonnateur médical, Juba, Soudan du Sud


Contexte :

ALIMA’S SPIRIT : ALIMA’s purpose is to save lives and provide care for the most vulnerable populations, without any discrimination based on identity, religion or politics, through actions based on proximity, innovation, and the alliance of organizations and individuals. We act with humanity and impartiality in accordance with universal medical ethics. To gain access to patients, we undertake to act in a neutral and independent manner.


Our CHARTER defines the VALUES and PRINCIPLES of our action :

  1. Putting the Patient First ;
  2. Revolutionizing humanitarian medicine ;
  3. Responsibility and freedom ;
  4. Improve the quality of our actions ;
  5. Placing trust ;
  6. Collective intelligence.


Caring – Innovating – Together :

Since its creation in 2009, ALIMA has treated more than 4 million patients and today deploys its operations in 11 African countries. In 2018 we developed 41 humanitarian medical response projects to meet the needs of populations affected by conflicts, epidemics and extreme poverty. All of these projects are carried out in support to national authorities through nearly 330 health facilities (including 28 hospitals and 300 health facilities). Whenever possible We work in partnership with local NGO’s to ensure that our patients benefit from the best and most relevant expertise wherever it is, whether within their own country or in the rest of the world. In addition, to improve the humanitarian response, we are carrying out operational and clinical research projects particularly in the field of the fight against malnutrition and viral hemorrhagic fevers


Alima’s team :

More than 2000 people are currently working for ALIMA. The field teams, closest to the patients, receive their support from coordination teams generally based in the countries’ capitals. These receive support from the 4 desk teams and the emergency and opening team based at the operational headquarters in Dakar, Senegal. The Paris and New York teams are actively working to raise funds and represent ALIMA. The rest of the ALIMA Galaxy includes individuals and partner teams working on behalf of other organizations such as medical NGOs BEFEN, ALERT Health, SOS Doctors / KEOOGO, AMCP, research organizations PACCI and INSERM, Bordeaux or Copenhagen Universities, the INGO Solidarités International and many others.

COUNTRIES WHERE WE WORK : Mali, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Guinea, South Sudan, Mauritania.

WHAT DO WE DO ?  Malnutrition, Maternal Health, Primary Health, Pediatrics, Malaria, Epidemics (Ebola, Cholera, Measles, Dengue, Lassa Fever), Hospitalization, Emergencies, Gender Based Violence, Opening / Closing.


Context 2019/2020 :

  • ALIMA have been present in Raja town and Raja County since the past years. Indeed, since 2017, ALIMA has been implementing (in consortium with SI) different projects in the area (funded by OFDA and GIZ) ;
  • Since 2017, ALIMA aimed at addressing the different health and nutritional needs delivering primary and secondary health and nutrition care for the most vulnerable population ;
  • ALIMA provides primary and secondary health and nutritional care through mobile clinics and in Deim Zubeir PHCC, and Raja hospital ;
  • ALIMA also strengthens and improves the capacities of partners in the field. ALIMA is working in close collaboration with AFOD on the management of children under 5 suffering from SAM ;
  • On the other hand, ALIMA also works in close collaboration with the MoH as some of its health workforces are part of the health team within Raja hospital. In 2019, ALIMA widened its scope of intervention by integrating the management of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) activities within Deim Zubeir PHCC and Khor Shamam PHCU ;
  • Aside from its presence in Raja County, ALIMA supports primary health care in Aweil East in close partnership with the MoH (vaccination campaigns). In 2019, ALIMA could scale up its response providing ;
  • primary health care to the most vulnerable population through one mobile clinic and 1 fixed site. ALIMA also responded alongside with the MoH to the abnormal malaria peak from September to November 2019 ;
  • Finally, the organization is also strengthening the capacities of the State and National Rapid Response Team, leading a consortium (with Concern Worldwide and GOAL) ;
  • The projects aim at increasing their response capacities in the scope of the Ebola outbreak in South Sudan, targeting 7 high risk areas.

Position to be based : JUBA – SOUTH SUDAN


Lines management :

  • Direct Line Manager : Head of Mission ;
  • Technical Referent : Desk Medical Referent ;
  • Collaborate with : coordination team, Project Coordinators and external partners.


Mission and key activities :

The Medical Coordinator plans, designs, leads, coaches and coordinates the implementation of the overall medical content, strategies, activities and resources in South Sudan mission in order to facilitate the delivery of quality medical care for patients and their communities as well as to improve population health condition, its humanitarian living conditions and disease prevention. He guarantees the appropriate implementation and management of medical aspects of ALIMA projects in the mission, ensuring the achievement of the objective set. This will be done in close collaboration with the Head of Mission, the Medical Department and other local authorities and following the corporate ALIMA ethos and values, health policies, protocols, and operational plan; and monitoring medical and humanitarian situation in the country :

  • Define, monitor and update the medical content of the ALIMA country policy, annual plan and budget, by scanning health needs through exploratory missions and implementation of health information system, elaborating, monitoring and reviewing project proposals, determining, necessary resources in order to cover medical and humanitarian needs of the population at risk. This will be done ensuring linkage with the community, its proximity by safe-guarding medical ethics and the quality of medical programming (ie. Relevance, effectiveness, safety, accessibility and appropriateness of ALIMA’ s medical interventions, as well as “best practices” clinical management of patients.) ;
  • Be accountable to ensure that the objectives and goals set in the Mission’s annual plan, project plans in regards to the medical activities carried out by ALIMA are achieved ;
  • In close collaboration with the HR Coordinator, participate in the planning, definition and sizing of the health-workforce in the mission to ensure the implementation of medical activities in the mission ;
  • Define and size other resources (pharmacy and medical equipment management in collaboration with logistics) and timelines, procedures and protocols in order to efficiently achieve the medical objectives in the mission ;
  • Coach, and directly support medical teams in the implementation of the medical activities, translating the ALIMA health policy and identified health needs into project objectives and activities in order to ensure high quality health assistance to population and that mission medical objectives are achieved ;
  • Evaluate medical team through regular appraisals and detect training and developing needs in order to manage talent and increase medical staff contribution ;
  • Be responsible for the Mission’s Health Policy and Medical Repatriation Policy. Together with the HR Coordinator, define, update and implement an appropriate health policy framework, including medical insurance and social packages, for international and national staff, providing all prophylactic and preventive necessary measures, structures and emergency plans, managing any medical evacuation in order to ensure ALIMA staff health ;
  • Responsible for preparation of all medical orders in collaboration with Logistics Department, ensuring they are done according to guidelines and on time, and ensuring fulfillment of all procurement policies adhered to ;
  • Take lead in submitting of all local medical purchase requests to HQ ;
  • Accountable for and supervise the medical technical aspects and, in coordination with the Logistics Coordinator, the material aspects of the programmes (quality of drugs, safety and quality of health care facilities, consumptions, etc.) through regular field visits as well as analyze difficulties during the implementation (on district, provincial and national level) and report deviations as they appear (amongst the local authorities, the capital coordination team, field project teams and headquarters), in order to proactively provide the necessary solutions and achieve operational results ;
  • Promote communication, exchanging information and active participation of all medical staff in the mission’s development as well as remind and underline ALIMA values and philosophy to improve team motivation and engagement ;
  • Monitor the psychological status of all Mission’s staff, and suggests solutions to help improve mental health related issues ;
  • Accountable for the proper management of the pharmacy in the Mission, including projects ;
  • Ensure security related to medical issues (Bio-security, universal precautions and health and safety in the workplace) is guaranteed to the highest possible level, by implementing all ALIMA policies, protocols and procedures (i.e. Use of condoms, needle accidents, etc.) ;
  • Supervise medical team at capital level ;
  • Be responsible for the Medical Library of the Mission, informs the medical field staff of all material available, and keeps all medical documents updated in the database ;
  • Represent ALIMA before local medical authorities and keep regular contact with other counterparts in the mission (such as other NGO’s, local and international organizations, donors, civil and military authorities) in order to broaden the medical-humanitarian situation analysis, strengthen the impact of the medical intervention and support advocacy actions to raise humanitarian awareness ;
  • Contribute to the proper induction of all staff, ensuring that medical briefings and debriefings are done to all ALIMA staff.

Expériences / Formation :

  • Essential, degree in medicine or other paramedical studies. Specialization in tropical medicine or a degree in Public Health would be an asset ;
  • Essential, working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs and previous humanitarian experience in ALIMA or other NGOs in developing countries ;
  • Essential working experience of one year as a Medical Coordinator ;
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet) ;
  • Strategic Vision ;
  • Leadership ;
  • Networking ;
  • Cultural ;
  • Language : English is mandatory (written, read and spoken), French is an asset.

Salaire :

Contract term : contract under French law, 6 months renewable.

Salary : according to ALIMA salary grid + experience + per diem

ALIMA pays for :

  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location ;
  • Accommodation costs ;
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee ;
  • Evacuation of the employee.

Comment postuler :

  • To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter  to our job page before 05/24/2020 ;
  • Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful ;
  • Only full applications (CV + Cover letter) will be taken into account.