Avis de recrutement : OMS recrute un(e) Consultant(e) international(e) pour le développement de la politique des Fonds nationaux d’assurance maladie au Soudan.






National consultant for the development of National Health Insurance Funds policy in Sudan

1. Purpose of the consultancy

The main purpose of this consultancy is to develop National Health Insurance Fund’s (NHIF) first ever Policy and other related operational guidelines, in accordance with the National Health Policy 2017- 30, National Health Financing Policy 2016, NHIF Act 2016, decrees and various relevant policy documents. NHIF policy development is expected to strengthen governance of NHIF at the central level and reinforce its functional integration with branch offices at the state level and improvement of its operational processes.

2. Background

NHIF, affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), and is the national health insurance scheme of Sudan. NHIF is characterized by a centralized planning at the Headquarters based in Khartoum and decentralized structure for implementation at the state levels. Its future vision is to provide a comprehensive health safety and security net to all people living in Sudan and based on the principles of equity and social justice. This requires a thorough revision and a complete overhaul of the existing health insurance system with a clearly written policy document. Therefore, formulation of NHIF Policy is essential to provide a sound base that provides appropriate direction to improve overall performance of the NHIF. It will reinforce NHIF’s integration with various stakeholders and define clear implementation processes required at the national and subnational levels to achieve NHIF’s desired goals.

NHIF was established in 1994 but it has no written policy document to guide its strategies and regulate its operations. At the present time, there are existing Constitutional Acts and relevant decrees that are fully supported by the National Health Financing Policy (HFP) for its current functioning. In addition to that, the Sudan National Health Policy (2017 – 2030) offers a major shift that proclaims to “move away from out of pocket financed health care to prepaid financed health system with protection of marginalized and vulnerable populations”.

The objective of the assignment is to recruit an international consultant to provide expertise in:

i. Development of National Health Insurance Policy.

ii. Development of National Health Insurance Fund Operational Policies

iii. To formulate NHIF ( SOPs).

– Qualifications required:

Advanced university degree (master’s level) in Public Health, Health Policy, Health Economics, Health Financing, and related disciplines.

– Experience required:

7 to 10 years of relevant experience in health policy development.

– Technical skills and knowledge:

• Demonstrated knowledge of health systems and policy research methods, specifically qualitative and/or mixed methods approaches.

• Good analytic skills.

 – Language requirements:

Expert knowledge in English language.

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Application deadline : February 18th, 2023