Avis de recrutement : MSF recrute un(e) Référent(e) en matière de gestion hospitalière.






The Medical Department at MSF Operational Centre Brussels (MSF OCB) provides strategic direction and technical leadership, committing to keeping up to date on innovations in health care. It shares the responsibility of the operational choices and the responsiveness and is involved in the support of project teams jointly developing context-adapted medical-operational strategies and defining levels of care. The department is composed of multiple specialists based across a network of units across the world and works in close collaboration with operations, other OCB departments and MSF movement.

MSF OCB manages and supports 31 projects with hospitalization (Inpatient Department) services. The Hospital Management Support Unit (HMSU) is a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental team of four persons, within the Medical Department, that supports the management of hospitals in coherence with OCB strategic objectives and adapted to country contexts. It consists of the Hospital Management Nursing Referent (HMNR), Hospital Management Human Resources Referent, Hospital Facilities Management Referent and Hospital Management Pharmacist Mobile Implementation Officer. It supports and enhances expertise in hospital management in collaboration with Operational Support Teams (Cells/ Regional Support Teams), Medical, Logistics and Human Resources (HR) departments. For all specific hospital management issues, the HMSU is the direct interface between headquarters and country coordination /project teams. Each member of the unit has responsibility for a specific domain.

The Hospital Management Nursing Referent (HMNR) is responsible for:

  • providing direct support and develop nursing management expertise across MSF OCB hospitals to enable systems and processes for quality improvement and the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of care delivered to patients;
  • enabling multi-disciplinary input to the structure and processes needed to support hospital functions, by helping coordinate and disseminate the Medical Department’s input on normative work and tactical support to hospital management teams;
  • workforce development, in collaboration with the HMSU team members and with support of Learning and Development Team, including the development of a revised Hospital Management Team Training (HMTT);
  • contributing to relevant steering committees and functional multi-disciplinary working groups (circles).

The HMSU works as a team in answering general hospital, organizational and management questions and in close collaboration with the medical referents of the medical department ensures an aligned support to the field hospitals.

The HMNR works in close collaboration with the Nursing Care Referent of the Medical Department, who is responsible for the clinical care component of nursing. In partnership with the Nursing Care Referent, the HMNR ensures the development of a global nursing strategy within MSF OCB.

The HMSU has a “team leader” that comes from within the unit members and can rotate. The team leader is the direct line manager of other unit members, ensures the units workplan is co-developed and delivered and supports internal communication of the HMSU role and opportunities to support. The team leader of the HMSU is under the supervision of the Medical Technical Manager.


1. The HMNR develops nursing management expertise in MSF OCB, in close collaboration with members of the unit and the Medical Department. The HMNR participates in the development of:

  • Hospital management policies relating to structures, processes and culture.
  • Expertise in hospital management at all levels of the organisation, particularly by establishing training programmes, including the HMTT, mentoring and external collaboration.
  • Continuous nursing competencies, in the areas of supervision and management, working collaboratively with relevant stakeholders (Learning & Development unit, MSF Academy). Including:
      • Contributing to training strategies and designing training activities
      • Supporting hospitals in implementation of training initiatives
      • Participating in wider managerial trainings
  • Tools from supportive supervision within the scope of hospital management for healthcare professionals.
  • A pool of nursing profiles capable of having a specific responsibility in Hospital Team Management by working with human resources to validate specific nursing profiles, especially for Head Nurse (Nursing Director) and supporting the matching process.

2. The HMNR leads the improvement in quality and efficiency of nursing care management and hospital service organization as identified via the intersectional MSF framework for nursing.

  • Identify, create, develop and implement documents and tools on specific topics in collaboration with different stakeholders as the nursing care referent, the pharmacy, HR and biomed referents:
  • Clinical supervision and managerial responsibilities (organization of care activities, continuity of clinical pathways, patient documentation, M&E of quality and safety, handover process)
  • HR and competencies management (workload and workforce need, HR role of nursing supervisors and managers, team meetings, continuous professional development)
  • Strategic management (vision and values, leadership, data and knowledge management, advocacy)
  • Resource management (pharmacy and supply, HR, auxiliary services, biomedical devices, nursing support staff, finance)
  • Evaluation of hospital management quality, including development of evaluation methodology, assessment tools and check lists, and qualitative and quantitative indicators for hospital management

3. The HMNR has a supporting role vis-à-vis the hospital management teams, particularly the Hospital Nursing Director,

  • For the nursing care management and topics related to all aspects of their work, including:
    • Quality of care evaluations, including quality improvement strategies whilst promoting evidence-based practices
    • Improvements to patient safety from prevention to corrective strategies if required
    • Co-responsibility with Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC) team and nursing care referent in the implementation of the IPC policy and follow-up of the Hygiene Committee
    • Efficient organization of nursing care throughout the hospital, attentive to organization of care in different units, incorporating the entire patient journey, staffing ratios, bed management, patient documentation procedures and management of health records.
    • Management (people, needs and resources)
      • Defining the adequate package of essential documents (policies, guidelines, protocols) and   tools and support the evaluation of correct implementation of protocols/ guidelines/tools
      • Encouraging effective internal communication
      • Needs assessment, strategic planning and adequate use of biomedical devices
      • Staff needs assessment and role definitions
      • Matching of the mobile nursing staff and other issues relating to HR management in the Nursing department
      • Promoting and overseeing induction/orientation programs for nurses and allied nursing staff in the hospitals
      • Overseeing clinical supervision, learning needs assessment and development programs
      • Planning of supportive and corrective measures to guide staff into a positive evolution career
    • Promote leadership attitudes of nurses as well as moral commitment to organizational values, ethics, nursing principles and evidence-based approach in all the activities, clinical and managerial
    • Managing the Nursing activity budget
  • By field visits to assess and support hospital management and nursing services with the ability to prioritise quality improvement steps in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Note: the postholder would be expected to spend approximately 30% of their time in MSF OCB project locations.

4. The HMNR is responsible for information and data management regarding nursing care at Unit level:

  • Leads in the development of hospital KPIs and dashboards
  • Define KPIs for nursing (clinical care and management) in collaboration with the Nursing Care Referent
  • Work on data management systems and ensure that information/data/reports on nursing care are compiled, analysed, appropriately communicated and followed up
  • Lead, together with the Nursing Care Referent different elements of the knowledge base, internal communication and communities of practice.

5. The HMNR is responsible for internal coordination:

  • Work with other medical referents to optimise decisions relating to the management of medical services (not the clinical management).
  • Chair a Hospital Management multidisciplinary working group – called circle
  • With the various supporting departments to reinforce OCB’s hospital management expertise
    • The HR Referent of the unit is the network lead with the HR Department
    • The HFM Referent of the unit is the network lead with the Logistic Department
    • Hospital Management Pharma MIO draws link between the Pharma Unit and HMSU
  • Be a core member of the intersectional Nursing Care Working Group (NCWG) and the OCB nursing and documentation circle
  • Collaborate with similar positions in other sections


Education and Experience

  • Registered Nurse with complimentary degree in Nursing Management or Leadership
  • At least 5 years of experience in the management and administration of nursing services in a hospital, for example as a Unit Manager, Head Nurse, Nursing Director
  • At least 2 years of previous experience with MSF or experience in comparable organizations working in humanitarian contexts (preferably in two different contexts)


  • Ability to undertake organizational analysis, strategic planning, drive implementation accompanied by monitoring and evaluation
  • Demonstrable skills in teaching, learning, mentoring
  • Excellent team player with leadership experience and qualities
  • Empathetic, precise and clear oral and written communication
  • Ability to travel to countries where MSF works


  • Proficiency in English & French
  • Other languages spoken where MSF works are an asset

Application deadline : February 12th, 2023

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