Avis de recrutement : Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) recherche un.e Agent technique au Danemark.








The purpose of the post is directly related to WHOEURO’s work on 1)implementation of regional operational research initiatives focused onimproving treatment success for TB and drug-resistant TB; 2) contribution togeneration of evidence through effective research data management; 3)strengthening country capacity for operational research and rapid uptake ofinnovations; and 4) promotion of good clinical care for TB and drug-resistantTB through research.Contribute to an environment that promotes changes, monitors impact toadvance the agenda of individual diseases, and encourages new ideas andperspective, leverages team members’ strengths and cohesion and recognizes andrewards collaborative behaviour.Under directsupervision of the Regional Adviser on TB, DR-TB, the incumbent will assume thefollowing responsibilities and achieve the following objectives:Coreresponsibilities in assisting Member States in relation to tuberculosis anddrug-resistant TB, as part of country efforts to strengthen health systemsinclude to: Support the Regional TB Advisor in coordination and implementationof the regionaloperational research initiatives focused on improving treatment success for TBand drug-resistant TB in countries of eastern Europe and central Asia. Support the regional efforts in strengtheningthe country capacity for implementation of OR with the focus on datamanagement, data analysis and use of data in decision-making. Facilitate the organization of the clinical capacity buildingcomponent of the regional operational research initiatives with the focus on proper and timely management of adverse events and co-morbidities.Collaborate with team members of theunit to ensure linkages between different programmatic streams with regionaloperational research initiative on mSTR for MDR/RR-TB.Support Regional TB Advisor in coordinationwith partners across other operational research initiatives on TB anddrug-resistant TB in the WHO European Region to ensure harmonization of dataand approaches to technical assistance.Perform other duties as assigned.Specific responsibilities and duties will focus on followingproject-related activities: Functioning of thetask force of the regional operational research (OR) on introduction offully-oral modified shorter treatment regimens (mSTR) for MDR/RR-TB andregional OR on concomitant treatment of MDR/RR-TB and viral hepatitis C.Collaboration with WHOCountry Offices and national counterparts (study teams) to ensure alignmentwith operational research protocols, data management, verification and quality. Supporting Member Stateswith development of national study protocols and receiving necessary approvalsfrom national and international ethics review bodies. Strengthening the researchcapacity in countries through trainings and quarterly monitoring missionswithin the regional OR initiatives. Functioning of theregional Virtual Medical Consilium for mSTR by organizing series of webinars onMDR-TB.Data harmonization andverification to enable development of publications (manuscripts, reports) withthe use of evidence generated by the regional operational research initiatives.



Essential: University degree (Bachelor’s level) (in a social science, public healthor relevant field.
Desirable: University degree (Master’s level) in any of the above fields. Trainingin research with the focus on TB.


Essential: A minimum of two years’ experience in public health in the area of TB research.Demonstrated experience implementing research and operational research projects.Demonstrated experience in coordinating multi-country researchprojects.
Desirable: Relevant experience with(in)WHO, UN organizations/agencies, international institutions, state organizationsor NGOs. Demonstrated experience coordinating multi-country research projectsin the WHO European Region, particularly in eastern Europe and central Asia.Experience in proposal and project development and working with GFATM and otherdonors. Demonstrated experience developing research methodology, data analysisand report writing. Demonstrated experience with databases management (EpiInfo,REDCap) and operating statistical packages (SPSS, Stata).


Demonstrated knowledge of researchand programmatic aspects of TB and drug-resistant TB management.Goodcommunication, facilitation, planning and analytical skills.Demonstrated skills in writingconcise reports.Emotional awareness: the ability to identify andharness one’s emotions and apply them to tasks; and the ability to manageemotions, which includes both regulating one’s own emotions when necessary andhelping others to do the same.

WHO Competencies :

Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences;
Producing results;
Building and promoting partnerships across the organization and beyond.

Use of Language Skills

Essential: Expert knowledge of English.
Desirable: Intermediate knowledge of French,Russian,Germa.

Closing Date : Mar 3, 2023, 11:59:00 PM

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