Avis de recrutement : MSF recherche un(e) Responsable de mise en œuvre du sésame à Barcelone, Espagne.







The implementation officer will be part of the “Who is around” implementation team during the pilot. The “Who is around” project has the objective to increase the visibility of the whereabouts of our colleagues across the organization (office location, home office, others), and at the same time facilitate holiday/absence management. In the initiation phase solutions were researched and a software (Sesame) has been selected, which after a testing phase passed into further deployment. The solution includes an automized data flow between our HRIS and Sesame. As a next step the solution will be deployed for all HQ staff of MSF-OCBA.

He/she will oversee the day-to-day administration of the tool and support the HR team during the first phase of the implantation of the tool in Headquarters and regional Hubs and possibly also Face to Face Teams implementation (which is planned for June/July 2023).


  • Ensure that all the master data related to employees is correctly classified (Data Maintenance & Entry, Supports users, Assist Improvements of Tool and Workflow, Communicate & Train MSF Users).
  • Keep up to date about the MSF organizational structure, including geographical locations of offices, specification of offices (regional hubs, partner offices), and contractual statuses of employees (hosted staff, cross admin staff & others).
  • Get the visibility who is working at any of the MSF offices or in “home office” mode.
  • Assign Working schedule/s (summer-winter).
  • Assign the right work calendar according to the geographical location.
  • Ensure correctness of data especially after employees are moving offices, departments, have changes in management.
  • To keep and maintain absence settings such as days off, unpaid leaves, sick leaves and also holidays and personals affaires days.
  • To ensure all the updates/releases of SESAME tool work correctly and to plan and follow up the communication to the staff, when needed.
  • Participate in the definition of new requirements and identification of ways to improve the usability of the tool.
  • To receive, analyses, dispatch and respond Zenit tickets related to SESAME/TOOL “who is around”.
  • To maintain regular communications with P&IT and ERP.
  • To report incidents that occur in the system to the technician assigned by the supplier in all phases of the project.
  • Identifies deviations and shares them with the Team to draw an action plan in case corrections are needed/convenient.
  • To maintain regular meetings with the supplier when needed.
  • Participates in the weekly meetings of Sesame team.
  • Test all reports and functionalities of Sesame:
  • Performs any extraction of Sesame report needed for quality control or presenting information/reporting to the different authorities, stakeholders, and for data quality control.
  • He/she proactively gathers the different feedback provided by users to modify and/or improve the tool.
  • Ensures with Controller that all key processes are in written and are reviewed to be improved when needed.
  • Able to inform and train the team, managers, and staff on Sesame tool.
  • Update all material (user and admin guides) according to the changes and evolution of the system.


  • Degree in Labor Relations, Human Resources or similar.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in an HR technical and/or specialist function related to Labor Relations and HR Administration and implementation of tools like time tracking or employee portal.
  • Demonstrated experience in the use of HRIS and payroll tools.
  • Experience with SAP is an asset.
  • Experience with the management of Spanish labor law.
  • Fluency in Spanish, knowledge of English is an asset.
  • Good computer knowledge as a user (Microsoft Office Suite).
  • Experience with CRM or ticketing tool.

Application closing date : February 22nd, 2023

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