Stages : Recrutement d’un(e) Stagiaire en recherche et narration sur l’équité sociale (rôle non rémunéré) aux Etats-Unis.





What is Emerging Social Equity Work?

We are a group within Ashoka exploringthe possibility of a new organizational “purpose” focused on social equity. We will begin our journey with a global focus on social equity in the context ofrace, ethnicity, and caste. Weaim tocreate community and to identify principles and patterns that embodythe power of equity and co-create strategies to contribute to the field.

We will begin with interviews with Ashoka Staff, Fellows, Young Changemakers, and community partnerswhose work drive equity, impacting economics, health, education, faith, and democracy.

We will identify and share patterns of solutions and innovations that intersect with gender, class, migration, climate, and democracy through the Social Equity Roundtable Discussion series connecting our network and thought leaders in our fields of discovery.

The work will culminate with two Social Equity workshops to apply our learnings to co-create new frame-change principles and develop prototypes to identify and support groundbreaking innovations that foster EACH to generate a pipeline of solutions that disrupt systems and foster equity.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a researcher with a passion for equity that aligns with our vision of a world where everyone is valued, powerful, & empowered to contribute to the common good, a concept we call EACH, short for an Everyone a Changemaker world.

The Social Equity Research & Storytelling Associate (Intern) will research the topic of social equity, identify leaders in the field, and support the knowledge development work through storytelling.

This work will provide the opportunity to connect with Ashoka’s global network of innovators tackling complex societal issues and driving systemic change including Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Young Changemakers, and other leading entrepreneurs, funders, media influences, academics, and government officials working to address social and structural inequality.

As the Social Equity Research Associate, you will:

  • Compile a database of Ashoka Fellows working on issues related to equity;
  • Support the organization of and management of interviews and the drafting of interview scripts;
  • Support the synthesis of research findings and the distillation of key insights through storytelling;
  • Support the development of the roundtables by identifying qualified speakers;
  • The main deliverables will include;
  • Identify 50 Ashoka Fellows working in the field of equity;
  • Draft the scripts for 10 interviews;
  • Distillinsightsfrom 15 stakeholder interviews in storytellingformat;
  • Identify 10 speakers for each roundtable.

Time Commitment:

  • Estimated hours of commitment per week: 20;
  • Time period March 2023 – August 2023.


  • We are looking for a curious mind with a passion for discovery on the topics demonstrated by research experience. The ideal candidate is also an analytical ninja with a talent for turning data into insights and experience developing high-quality research papers/reports on issues related to this work.
  • We are also looking for an emerging storyteller who can bring this research to life through compelling narratives, knowing how to turn research into real-world impact byarticulating complex information into actionable insights. In short, we are looking for someone willing to do the mundane work of research for the opportunity to practice their storytelling skills for social impact and community building.

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