Appel à candidature : Fondation Européenne pour le Climat (FEC) recherche un(e) Coordinateur(trice) des communications internes, communications stratégiques.


As the Internal Communications Coordinator, you will work with the Internal Communications Manager to develop consistency in internal communications. This includes creating written and visual content for internal events and announcements; providing ideas for connecting colleagues and creating spaces for knowledge sharing; updating and owning key information on internal platforms; planning and organising internal initiatives; and developing and implementing communications plans in line with the Internal Communications Strategy.

You will assist the Internal Communications Manager in equipping the network and supporting key functions of Operations to build and reinforce a strong culture and the daily work of a growing international network mainly working remotely and spread across nearly 40 countries.

Key responsibilities

▪ Support the Internal Communications Manager with the development and implementation of a new internal communications strategy by providing ideas, feedback, creating content, and identifying opportunities for network engagement and collaboration;

▪ Build strong working relationships with colleagues and teams across the network to work in an inclusive and collaborative way;

▪ With the support of the Internal Communications Manager, create tailored content for internal online platforms and channels, including writing, editing, and promoting clear and concise information and updates;

▪ Work with the Internal Communications Manager to develop and share consistent, clear, and effective network-wide communication on initiatives and projects, through visual and written content creation such as simple videos, graphics, and blurbs, and across a range of internal channels;

▪ Provide support in developing and improving internal platforms, such as Slab, and ensuring content remains up to date to ensure the network can find key information effectively;

▪ Support in identifying and organising opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing between colleagues and teams, including helping to amplify case studies and work across the network, with inclusivity and diversity in mind;

▪ Plan, set up and facilitate online meetings and events with the support of the Internal Communications Manager;

▪ Support initiatives and create content that helps to strengthen a sense of culture, community and organisational norms, in line with the internal communications strategy and with feedback from the Internal Communications Manager;

▪ Support the creation, development, and refinement of systems that enable colleagues to quickly and easily find and understand the information they need in an increasingly complex and diverse global network;

▪ In conjunction with the Internal Communications Manager, work closely with the network’s IT team on knowledge management, including organisation of documents and key information in network storage solutions (e.g. Google Drive, intranet, etc.);

▪ Engage with network colleagues in a way that uplifts and embodies our culture and values.


▪ A strong interest in communications and passion for supporting people with the tools and information they need to do their best work;

▪ Experience writing and communicating with and to a variety of audiences;

▪ Exceptional organisational and planning skills with a keen eye for detail;

▪ Experience in basic video editing and design, including Canva and Adobe Suite or similar tools;

▪ Strong familiarity with communications and digital tools such as Slab, MailChimp, Google Drive, SharePoint, Asana, Trello, Slack, etc.

▪ Ability to work with multiple teams across an organiastion, supporting them to communicate clearly, effectively, and strategically, in line with culture and values;

▪ An understanding of the importance of visual brand, and how to be a guardian of internal branding;

▪ A keen interest in staying on top of best practice when it comes to internal communications in an international team;

▪ The courage to bring ideas to the table, and to think about continuous improvement;

▪ An excellent command of the English language, other languages a plus;

▪ Exceptional writing, editing and proofreading skills;

▪ Strong collaboration skills and interpersonal relations and an ability to quickly build trust with colleagues;

▪ The disposition to work generously with colleagues in an international, multicultural community of peers, and the ability work across international norms and values;

▪ The versatile and adaptable skills necessary to flourish in a fast-paced and wide-ranging work environment where remote work is the norm;

▪ Strong time and priority management, a high level of independence and can-do mentality;

▪ A creative and resourceful mind with a trained visual eye;

▪ An interest in climate and the environment;

▪ A passion for excellence, and a desire to learn and grow.

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