Avis de recrutement : Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques (OCDE) recrute un(e) Responsable de la sécurité, France.







The Executive Directorate (EXD) is the steward of OECD resources, on behalf of the Secretary-General.  Our focus is on people and their wellbeing; the effective and efficient management of the budget; the safety and security of staff, Delegations, visitors, and of the OECD’s data; maintaining and sustaining physical and digital infrastructure; and enabling the convening power of the OECD through conferences, meetings and events, whether virtual, physical or hybrid.  As well as providing corporate services, functions and management support to our staff and Members, we provide integrated, strategic and expert advice on corporate policies and management issues to the Secretary-General, to Council and to Standing Committees, to which we regularly report on corporate matters. We also provide compliance and risk management functions (for management areas under our purview). Ours is a fast-paced environment focused on delivering management excellence across all of our functions.


EXD/CSI/CSD is looking for a Security Officer, who will be responsible for ensuring the general security of the Organisation’s people and property, taking part in the protection of VIPs and participating in the dedicated arrangements put in place for specific events.

The successful candidate will report to the Heads of the Security Unit.

Availability is an important criterion for this position, as the work is scheduled around 8- or 12-hour shifts covering days, nights, weekends and public holidays.

It is an essential requirement for the position that the successful candidate be fit and suitable to carry a firearm in a professional environment. It should be noted that any permanent reversal of this fitness or suitability may result in the termination of the contract.

Main responsibilities

Site Command Centre Supervision

  • Oversee and co-ordinate the operational security staff, including internal officials and external service providers for all sites.
  • Manage all technical systems at the Site Command Centre (access control, video surveillance, etc.).
  • Handle security alarms, fire alarms and technical alarms, and perform any remedial actions required.
  • Analyse all requests submitted by internal officials and services, which could potentially affect operational security, and provide an appropriate response in order to maintain security levels.
  • In the absence of the Heads of Fire Safety, ensure the supervision of subcontracted fire safety officers. Review the fire safety system, and report to management in the event of a risk to or loss of business continuity.
  • Trigger crisis procedures in the event of a serious incident. Take immediate measures to limit the impact of any incident, and oversee the totality of emergency operations deployed on the ground.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by Security supervisors, in particular various administrative tasks such as monitoring statistics, drafting reports, managing material resources, etc.

Ideal candidate profile

Academic Background

  • Post-secondary qualification (university degree, advanced vocational diploma, or equivalent).
  • Category “B” driving licence.

Professional Background

  • Eight years’ experience in the field of security in the private or public sector (national or local police, etc.).
  • Experience in carrying a service weapon in a professional environment.
  • Experience in and ability to manage high-stress and conflictual situations.
  • Training in tactical marksmanship and security response techniques.
  • Proven experience demonstrating the ability to manage emergencies, working autonomously and making prudent decisions.


  • Fulfil all the conditions required for authorisation to carry a service weapon inside the Organisation (medical fitness and psychological suitability, successful completion of physical tests, validation of technical achievements).
  • Good proficiency in IT tools (Word, Excel, Outlook).


  • As a major security player in a French-speaking environment (host country police services, security company), operational fluency in French is an essential factor, even though French and English are the two official languages of the OECD. However, knowledge of English will be assessed and the successful candidate will be expected to acquire a good working knowledge of English.

Close on  February 04th, 2023

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