Appel à candidature : MSF recrute un(e) Technicien(ne) de recherche et de sauvetage , Italie.






Scope and objectives of the position

MSF Netherlands is looking for 8 Search and Rescue professionals with different expertise in driving, logistic, mechanic and deck management. In particular, Search and Rescue Technicians will operate as part of MSF SAR team crewing for rescue activities. They will be operating from the ship in rotations and in all weather conditions. In terms of line management, they report directly to the Deputy Search and Rescue Team Leader during port calls, for day-to-day activities on-board and during rescue operations at sea.

Main responsibilities 

  • Carry out lookout duties with binocular on shift schedules to look out for boats in distress, while the ship is in the Search & Rescue zone.
  • Carry out watches on deck and the hallway when there are survivors on board on shift schedules.
  • Support care of survivors after rescue.
  • Clean of the survivor care area; this includes but is not limited to scrubbing deck, toilets, showers and removing waste.
  • Take care of maintenance of rescue equipment.
  • Flexible to handle unexpected duties asked by the Deputy SAR team leader and SAR team leader.
  • Participate to all mandatory trainings and support in the delivery of trainings to new colleagues.
  • Proactive coaching and support newly arrived staff members.
  • Carry out duties assigned to his/her position during rescue operations at sea.
  • SAR Technicians must have at least one of the following transversal skills: mechanical, driving, deck management, logistic.

Specific Accountabilities

  • These positions are on board the ship. Staff must be “sea worthy”, and willing to go beyond their regular role during rescues. Working and living on the ship requires a certain level of fitness, going out on the rescue boat in poor weather conditions for extended period of time.
  • The ship’s space is limited and the daily living conditions may not allow much privacy.
  • Candidates must be able to handle low amount of work between rescues, as well as very high workload during rescue and transit. There are none up to very limited possibilities to get off the ship.
  • During rescues, work might go beyond standard working hours; be aware that despite your role, you will be asked to do irregular shifts and night shifts, within and beyond your own job responsibilities (e.g. deck work, night watches, cooking, etc.).



  • STCW Basic Safety training and Security awareness training are mandatory.
  • STCW Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats (other than fast) & STCW Proficiency in fast rescue boats trainings are nice to have.


  • Fluent English (C1 level) is mandatory.
  • Knowledge of French or Arabic is a strong plus.

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