Appel à candidature : Agence Spatiale Européenne (ESA) recrute un(e) Ingénieur(e) RAMS (Fiabilité, Disponibilité, Maintenabilité et Sécurité) au pays-Bas.








If selected for this position, you will be assigned as RAMS Engineer in the RAMS Section, Quality, Dependability and Product Assurance Support Division, Product Assurance and Safety Department, Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality.

The RAMS Section is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of dependability and safety expertise and standards. The Section provides dependability support to all ESA projects and safety support to ESA projects other than those relating to human space applications, space debris mitigation, nuclear power and re-entry safety. The Section interfaces significantly with the Independent Safety Office, which belongs to the same Department. It carries out technological research (R&D) in the fields of RAMS requirements, techniques, methodologies and tools, and collaborates on standardisation and training activities.


Reporting to the Head of Section and within the technical fields described above, your main tasks and responsibilities will include:
• supporting ESA projects in defining the applicable dependability requirements, monitoring them and reporting on their implementation;
• supporting reviews and audits for ESA projects and activities;
• supporting the spacecraft safety submissions process in the framework of launch campaigns;
• supporting audits for test centre certification from a RAMS perspective;
• identifying mission risks, assessing ESA project risks and activities;
• developing and maintaining ESA dependability policies, requirements and standards;
• collecting, evaluating and validating data for the prevention or avoidance of recurrent problems;
• supporting liaison with the Department’s Independent Safety Office to inform it of the dependability measures recommended for ESA projects and collecting its ongoing feedback for safety certification activities;
• supporting liaison and maintaining synergies with systems and space operation teams, in particular the Directorate of Operations (D/OPS), for continuous improvement and to close the loop between prediction and actual in-orbit operations, gathering lessons learned;
• maintaining Agency and industry technical competence through training sessions, symposiums and workshops;
• developing RAMS techniques, methods and procedures, taking an integrated dependability approach;
• defining, initiating and managing R&D activities, covering long- and short-term ESA needs;
• supporting the relevant Directorate competence domain activities;
• monitoring applicable scientific and technological trends, maintaining state-of-the-art expertise;
• contributing to the dissemination of the results of activities performed and the transfer of knowledge across the Agency.

Duties may also include supporting other activities within your field of competence and the transfer of knowledge across the Agency.

Technical competencies

General background and specific experience in the technical domains covered by the position
Understanding of related technologies, R&D trends and the industrial landscape
Project support experience in a relevant domain
Experience in managing and monitoring industrial activities, including participation in reviews
Experience with Space Quality Standards and their preparation and implementation
Experience with the application of RAMS tools and methods at Satellite or Payload level
Experience with provision of Dependability and Safety Trainings


A master’s degree in engineering, with a specialisation in a RAMS discipline, is required for this pos.

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Deadline : 31 March 2023