Extension of EOI Submission Deadline


The Government of Rwanda has applied for a Loan from the African Development Bank toward the cost of implementation of Phase 1 of the Muvumba multipurpose water resources development program (Phase 1) in Nyagatare Region and intends to use part of the proceeds of this loan to put in place a Project Implementation Unit (PIU). A Project Coordinator (Dam Engineer) will be recruited as part of the PIU. The main purpose of the program is to reliably supply domestic and agricultural water and hydroelectric power across the Nyagatare region. The proposed dam will have a height of 30.5m and effective storage capacity of 35million m3.

Phase 1 of the Program comprises construction of a high dam, hydropower facility, and detailed designs and Environment and Social Assessments for downstream irrigation schemes (including livestock water) and water supply systems. The command area of the irrigation scheme is estimated at 7,380ha covering Tabagwe, Gatunda, Karama, Rukomo, Nyagatare, Rwempasha, Musheri and Rwimiyaga sectors. Installation capacity of hydropower is 740 kW (370×2) and is expected to generate 5,719 MWh annually. While detailed study for water supply system is yet to be completed, the program is envisaged to supply water of approximately 24,000 m3/day for 300,000 people in Karangazi, Rwimiyaga and Nyagatare sectors in addition to livestock use. The program will also contribute to flood control.


The Dam Engineer (Project coordinator) will manage and supervise the project :

1.1. Qualification and Experience :

  • Master’s Degree in Hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, geo-technical engineering or structure engineering from an internationally recognized university ;
  • At least 15 years (20 years preferred) of proven professional experience with water resources development projects, including planning, designing, and construction supervision of large dams, and should be familiar with international technical standards and practices ;
  • Specific experience in planning, design and construction supervision of earth and rockfill dams and concrete gravity dams ;
  • Proven engineering skills in multipurpose or single purpose dams’ development, including the ability to review feasibility / detailed technical designs, technical specifications, project cost estimates, construction plan, schedule, etc. of large-scale hydraulic infrastructure ;
  • Computer skills in MS Office products, analytical packages and project management tools ;
  • Familiarity with programs financed by Multilateral Development Banks (AfDB, etc) ;
  • High level of proficiency in English.

1.2. Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Providing overall direction and leadership of Project Implementation Team (PIT), undertaking management and coordination of the Muvumba Water Resources Development ;
  • Program on behalf of the client ;
  • Supervision and co-ordination of various Consultants contracted in connection with the Muvumba Water Resources Development Program including Time-Based Contract of Owner’s Engineer for its effective implementation in terms of time, cost and quality ;
  • Management, with support of the Owner’s Engineer, of the main construction contracts for Muvumba Water Resources Development Program (Civil Woks, and Electro-Mechanical Equipment), including follow-up of the coordinated work schedules of Contractors, periodically updated by the steering committee ;
  • Management of the overall project schedule that incorporates Civil Woks, and Electro-Mechanical Equipment contractors ;
  • Co-ordination, with support of the Owner’s Engineer, environmental and social issues and in particular, the implementation of the RAP and ESMP activities as well as provision of oversite in timely preparation and implementation of relevant safeguards instruments ;
  • Review and Supervision of Contractor’s quality assurance plans ;
  • Liaising with all stakeholders and, with the assistance of the Owner’s Engineer, co-ordinating all activities in connection with reservoir impoundment and commissioning of the Project ;
  • Preparation Provisional Acceptance Certificate after commissioning and the Final Acceptance Certificate after the expiration of the Guarantee Period/Defect Liability Period ;
  • Chairing monthly meetings with the Owner’s Engineer and Contractors Regular reporting of the project progress of the Muvumba Water Resources Development Program to stakeholders and follow -up on timely preparation of Contractors’ Reports ;
  • Ensuring timely Certification of all payments made in relation to the project loans ;
  • Monitor and review any contractual claims from contractors and consultants on behalf of the client to protect Client/ Employer’s interest; as well as monitor other contractual issues, such as compliance with the matters with performance security, insurance, etc. ;
  • Liaison with funding agencies at Officer level ;
  • Maintaining records of disbursements and the status of all loans ;
  • Monitor and report the Project Implementation Plan through Quarterly Reports to all Agencies and stakeholders ;
  • Facilitate coordination between the Owners Engineer and the Consultants responsible for detailed design and ESIA of the downstream irrigation and water supply infrastructure to ensure coherence of program plans ;
  • Liaise with the client and the Project Steering Committee to ensure the project is well coordinated and technical inputs are provided timely which will facilitate resolution of any internal delays to implementation.

1.3. Duration of the Assignment :

The project will be implemented over a period of 6 years. However, the project coordinator will sign a two years contract renewable based on satisfactory performance.


The Consultants will be selected as individual consultants in accordance with the African Development Bank, Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations, October 2015. Interested Individual Consultants are invited to submit resumes and relevant supporting documents by email addressed to:

Attention: NGABONZIZA Prime

Director General

P.O.Box 6213 Kigali/Rwanda


The submission will be done through e procurement: only.

Consultants who will face difficulties to submit their documents can seek for assistance on the following addresses e-mail: [email protected]; Tollfree : 4045; Mobile phone : +250788313060 or e-procurement (Telephone) Tollfree:3131; Mobile phone: +250788381536 and on [email protected] or [email protected] for any clarification.

The deadline for Receiving the Expressions of Interest (EoI) with updated CVs is by 04/05/2020 at 10:00 AM GMT (12:00 Rwandan Time).


Director General