The Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone through the Mano River Union has received a blend of grants totaling UA9.82 million ($US13.551,600 million) from the African Development Fund (ADF) and the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative Trust Fund (RWSSI) to finance the Post Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund Project.

The PERSIF project targeting Ebola-affected communities especially along the borders of Sierra Leone and Guinea seeks to contribute to the availability of selected basic social services, restoration of livelihoods and economic opportunities. It will also enhance providing seed money to establish a Social Investment Fund executed by a third-party financial institution to finance demand- driven, small scale activities on the basis of calls for proposals issued by the Fund. It is expected to play a catalytic role in improving community response to outbreaks, thereby contributing to inclusive growth, gender equality and poverty reduction in the two affected countries. The project seeks to support the National Post-Ebola Recovery Plans of the target countries, complementing and working in coordination with other partners supporting transition and recovery. It will foster economic and social inclusion and gender equality by strengthening the financial foundation of the poor, and women in particular, to carry out economic activities, developing skills and access to markets while reinforcing their autonomy and community resilience to shocks.

The principal objectives of this project are to : enhance resilience in communities affected by the Ebola outbreak. The specific objectives are to support the recovery of the Ebola affected communities through : (i) restoration of basic social services; and (ii) the revival of local economic opportunities, especially for women through sustained job creation in value adding businesses and markets as well as the relevant trainings towards their skills It is envisaged that the project will contribute towards the following outcomes: (i) increased access to basic social services; (ii) increased access to finance for micro and small business start-ups-including support to economic diversification; and (iii) enhanced growth in cross-border trade between the MRU countries.

The Project includes the following components ;

Component 1 – Provision of Basic Social Services and Improvement of WASH Services :

  • Consultant to design and supervise rehabilitation/construction works in health facilities and Schools ;
  • Contractor to rehabilitate: (a) Primary Health Units (PHUs)/Community Health Posts/Centers (CHPs/CHCs); and (b) Maternity Centers ;
  • Contractor(s) to (i) Construct Pour Flush Toilets for schools (ii) Construct Pit Latrines/Dry Sanitation toilets for schools; (iii) Construct/provide boreholes with solar-powered water supply systems (hand-dug) wells for Schools; (iv) Construct/provide boreholes with solar-powered water supply systems (hand-dug) wells for Health Facilities/Units; (v) Construct Boreholes with Hand Pumped Water Supply Systems for Schools ;
  • Supplies of Medical equipment and stock of medicines for (i) PHUs, CHPs/CHCs; (ii) Maternity Centers, and (iii) furnishing for Nurses’ Quarters ;
  • Provide Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Services, and establishing Community WASH Committees comprising of women representatives and leadership ;
  • Train WASH Artisans to carry out community-based sanitation marketing activities; and Train WASH Entrepreneurs in producing and marketing sanitation materials in communities ;
  • Consultant/Firm to build capacity of Training Institutions for strengthening the social workforce to deliver community-based services, including cross-border disease surveillance ;
  • Consultant/Firm to train Social Workers and BFAs to provide psycho-social support and counselling in communities ;
  • Consultant/Firm to train Community Groups on outreach activities on public health programs (hygiene promotion campaigns, IPC, EVD; marketing campaigns); including IEC.

Component 2 – Local Economic Livelihoods and Job Creation :

  • Contractor to Construct Multi-purpose Trade Facilitation, Information and Learning Centres ;
  • Provide equipment for Multi-purpose Trade Facilitation, Information and Learning Centres (MTFILs) ;
  • Consultant to design/train and supervise Trade Facilitation and Information Officers (TFIOs) in Multi-purpose Trade Facilitation, Information and Learning (MTFIL) Centres ;
  • Train women in Female Cross Border Traders’ Associations on adult literacy and numeracy ;
  • Provide entrepreneurship training for cash transfer beneficiaries, targeting mostly women and girls ;
  • Consultant to provide technical assistance in microfinance and SMEs/MSMEs.

Project Management and Coordination :

  • Provide/supply furniture, vehicles and motor bike to Project Coordination Unit (PCU) ;
  • Financial Management Audit of the PERSIF Project

Procurement of goods, works and the acquisition of consultancy services necessary for the execution of the activities of the Post Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund project shall be undertaken by the Projects Fiduciary Management Unit (PFMU) through Calls for Proposals and Invitation for Bids for the Investment following African Development Bank’s new rules and procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Works and the Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants dated August 2015, using the relevant Bank Standard Bidding Documents as well as National Competitive Bidding procedures where appropriate.

Bidding documents for the project goods, works and services are expected to be available beginning May 2020.

Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting :

The Procurement Unit, Project Fiduciary Management Unit,

Ministry of Finance

13A Howe Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Cell : +232-76-672186 ;

Email : [email protected]