Appel à candidature : ALIMA recrute un(e) Anesthésiste, Ukraine.







To organize and provide anesthesitic services  operations in accordance with standard practice, protocols and hygiene standards, in close collaboration with surgeons and medical staff at this district hospital. To arrange and participate in on-the-job training as requested by hospital staff.

  • Carry out preoperative consultations (pre-anaesthetic visit) to assess operative risks in collaboration with the surgeon, provide appropriate information to the patient and decide on the type of anesthetic to be used, in order to guarantee optimal conditions prior to surgery. Perform all surgical anesthetics in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • Prepare the required anesthetics, materials and equipment in advance.
  • Administer anesthetics and maintain anesthesia in accordance with current hygiene and asepsis regulations.
  • Monitor patient parameters throughout the procedure.
  • Ensure the transfer of patients to the recovery room and their return to a fully conscious state, and define the analgesic protocol.
  • In collaboration with the surgeon, advise on appropriate post-operative care, including critical care, including fluid management, oxygen monitoring, airway management, and physiotherapy and torso mobilization, with particular attention to pain relief during the recovery process.
  • Implement and supervise hygiene rules and procedures as well as medical protocols in the operating and recovery room and regarding anesthesia equipment (decontamination, sterilization, storage conditions, etc.) to ensure the safety and protection of patients and staff.
  • Supervising the operating theater pharmacy (orders, inventories, expired products) and ensuring that the operating theater register is kept and that consumption and empty vials of narcotics are monitored in order to maintain an adequate stock.
  • Ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of equipment in the operating room (oxygen extractor, ventilation, etc.).
  • Organize the tasks of the staff under his/her responsibility and participate in other team management activities (recruitment, training, performance appraisal, motivation, internal/external communication, etc.) in order to guarantee adequate resources (staffing, skills and abilities).
  • Collaborate with other project departments (respond to emergency requests, intervene to support other departments if necessary, etc.) and participate in any emergency activity or exploratory mission in order to support the overall ALIMA project with his/her expertise and skills.
  • Ensure compliance with administrative procedures (completing patient records, forms, statistics, databases, etc.) and develop regular reports covering results, procedures and problematic situations and cases, in order to have correct and up-to-date information regarding daily activity and support decision making.
  • To be applicable to the abuse prevention standards.
  • Participate in training and awareness-raising sessions
  • Contribute to creating and maintaining a nurturing and protective environment for his/her team, community members and partners involved in the project.

Implementation of prevention measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violences:

  • Participates in training and awareness-raising sessions
  • Implements abuse prevention standards
  • Ensures that team members follow training and awareness sessions and apply abuse prevention rules
  • Contributes to creating and maintaining a nurturing and protective environment

At the request of his/her hierarchy, he/she may be required to perform tasks not listed in this job profile.


Training Experience :

  • Experience in emergency and degraded security settings highly desirable;
  • Previous experience in multicultural teams;
  • A good command of oral and written English is essential ;This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the Mission;
  • By signing, the employee acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted this document.
  •  Russian and Ukrainian are assets.

Languages spoken by the candidate :

  • Experience of working in the humanitarian sector is an advantage;
  • Experience working  with a medical INGO is an asset;
  • Diploma of anesthetist, registration with the Order.

Application deadline : February 01st, 2023

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